Rented Captive Eugene – Part 1

Russian Captured Boys has produced a very exciting gay BDSM clip this week. Our hunk’s name is Eugene. He’s got blue eyes. Uhm, yeah, I didn’t have to really say that since you can clearly see it in this pic (Or can you? :-p). I can’t help but mention those adorable blue eyes, while Eugene stands in a submissive pose ready for inspection. 🙂

Let me give you a little idea on the theme. It starts out with a customer leafing through a brochure. Well, knowing the site, one could assume it’s a male slave brothel. Of course, that’s just a concept. But for those who appreciate BDSM, there’s something so titillating about it.

 v_(8) v_(24)Two brawny male slaves were then brought in for inspection. The customer appraises the boys as though he’s checking the best cattle for slaughter. Something bizarre lurks as the scene unfolds, but it keeps you going to know more.

And the boy who will go through hell will be none other than….Eugene! How unfortunate for him but lucky for us. 🙂

v_(29) v_(36)The pimp impassively explains the terms of the contract and provides the customer with BDSM instruments such as a flogger, whip, and handcuffs, obviously intended to use on the poor, yet athletic, male slave. When I watched this clip, there’s something that turns you on during the “preparation” scene. I mean the anticipation gives you that sense of being on edge.

v_(50) v_(68) v_(78)

We then see Eugene’s suffering begins. The unique part of this video is that the whipping appears so real, and Eugene seems to be in real pain. It’s not your usual fake BDSM whipping scene where bad acting makes you lose your erection.

After the brutal whipping Eugene received from this sadistic customer, we can clearly see the wicked welts now covering his back. He collapses to the floor from the obvious pain but his tormentor won’t hear of it and forces him to do demanding exercises such as push-ups and sit-ups.

v_(415) v_(475)The poor lad carries on, bringing himself even past human endurance under the unforgiving strike of the whip from a very skilledwhip master. When he dares slow down, he’s motivated to avoid the stinging end of the single tail so he keeps going.

When the sadistic customer finally had it, he pulled Eugene up, brutally manhandling the boy, feeling him up and grabbing his now sore pecs not so gently that even a slight touch could trigger  the agony from his front and back.

You gotta love RCB for its creativity. 🙂


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