From the Robber to Slavery – Final

I first featured Andrei in part two of this particular series called From the Robber to Slavery. He had been an instant hit when he first came out on Russian Captured Boys. Now he’s going at it with a huge bang leaving us with the final installment in full frontal nudity!

The theme here is just captivating. Look at the gigantic metal collar, thick wrist and ankle cuffs linked together with a thick chain to ensure the greatest discomfort for poor Andrei. I have to admit that looking at this brawny guy bound like that got me so hard. He’s very submissive unlike the usual guys featured here and I like that for a change.

His captor seems to truly enjoy inflicting the worst pain, wielding different whips and flogger against Andrei’s smooth and beautiful skin.

You have to see the last part! The whipping was really hard. In the end, much to Andrei’s exhaustion, his beautiful body’s been covered in welts and red marks all over his front and back.

You can check out some of the pics below but if you want to see the video, check out Russian Captured Boys.

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Watch the final installment featuring Andrei being whipped hard only on Russian Captured Boys!

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