From the Robber to Slavery – Part 2

RCB is known for their very stoic models. Despite the tortures that they have to go through, you barely see them lose their composure. In most cases, this is very appealing to many of us. We want men to act like men, even under extreme duress. There are times, however, when one wishes to see a more expressive model. That’s what Andrei brings us.

In part 1, you will see him submit to some serious whipping. It’s probably one of the most realistic whipping scenes I’ve ever seen, probably because Andrei agreed to take the pain being dished out at him. You gotta see that part. His reactions to the whip were simply¬†beautiful and remarkable.

After Andrei’s body had been marked with wicked welts, the RCB team has decided to put him on bastinado torture, then on to some electric shock sessions. His agony is definitely a source of our pleasure.

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If you want to watch the complete videos of parts 1 & 2 of Andrei in this series, go see it on Russian Captured Boys!

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