Rocco’s Audition

I rarely watch jerk-off videos. There are so many out there that each video is devastatingly the same as the next,  but STHJ manages to rise above the banality in some ways. I think it’s Rich’s creative nuances that add flavor to the solos he produces on his site.

In this audition Rocco appears very stiff and quite uncomfortable in the beginning, yet he remains a man of few words. You can simply intuit and hear from his monotones. That didn’t stop Rich from being excited and coming up with one of his wicked ways. After the short interview, he orders Rocco to jerk off and bring himself to the edge but NO CUMMING unless Rocco checks with him first. Rich wanted to be the one to squeeze his man juice out of him, applying his devilish methods. I don’t think Rocco fully understood the implication until he was already in the thick of it, and rendered himself completely helpless and at Rich’s mercy.

Hah! Just another hot guy ensnared within Rich’s fetish.  rocco-101 rocco-103 rocco-105 rocco-106 rocco-110 rocco-117 rocco-118 rocco-121 rocco-120 rocco-122 rocco-123See the whole video on Slow Teasing Hand Jobs.

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    • Hi there, you can find a video like this and a lot more on STHJ. You can find the link to their site in the blog post. Enjoy! 🙂

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