Roger Gets Fondled and Inspected at CMNM

CMNM features Roger this week submitting to the manhandling of young men.

Roger is a middle-aged man caught in a difficult crossroad recently. Life has been tough for him. After he got laid off from his corporate job a couple of months ago, he tried hard every day to find a job because the bills kept piling up. He also had to provide for his family and their daily needs. He was forced to take a job at some metalwork industrial site, totally beneath his pay scale and career status.

When the world knocks you down, then you get up and continue the fight. This has been his motto as he goes through the daily grind. With his measly pay from the metalworks company, it wasn’t sufficient to cover his needs so when a very weird came up looking for a middle-aged, well-built man for some modeling shoot, he called up the number right away.

When Roger showed up to his appointment, he was met by two young men. It was a bit strange because these men looked like college dudes just looking for a good time. The two guys then walked up to him and started feeling him up. This caught him off-guard so he pushed them away.

“You need the money, don’t you?” One of the young men asked haughtily. “Well, you came by so you either let us feel you up for a couple of hours and you’ll get paid $1000. We get to touch everywhere we want.”

This revelation at first made Roger felt a bit uncomfortable but the money was too good to pass up. Reason won and  Roger let himself submit to the humiliation.

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To see more of Roger’s discomfort, check him out on CMNM!

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