Roped Stud this Week – Noah (Part 1) and Logan (Part 6)

Roped Stud is the tame version of Dream Boy Bondage. The focus is on the literal binding itself. If you get off on watching guys getting tied up in different positions, then this is simply your cup of tea. The site showcases men in various bindings, showcasing their hot bodies and hence the name Roped Stud.

It’s Noah’s debut on the site. Check out a few of his photos while he’s bound to the cross, with arms over his head, fully exposed to the manhandling of his captor.

noah01RS_1 noah01RS_2 noah01RS_3 noah01RS_4

On the other hand, this is Logan’s sixth video with Roped Stud.

Logan moans as a large dildo is pressed up to his ass. He’s tied on all four corners of the bed on his stomach. He’s feeling nervous for sure because his back had just gone through hell from the whipping, apparent from the welts now decorating his back. What else does his torturer want? Hasn’t he endured enough?

logan06RS_1 logan06RS_2 logan06RS_3 logan06RS_4

Check Noah and Logan now only on Roped Stud!

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