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So this is one of those bondage videos floating around different porn tubes that I just keep coming back to. The man has a body built for bondage! There’s something about his proportion that you just want to see him stretched out all the time. Lucky for us, many of the scenes feature him just in that kind of position.

I think the guy is called Roughshod. I just wish that they have actually completed their videos because I’d love to check out the different shoots that they’ve come up with. I would also love to see a prolonged version of some of the hottest scenes shown on this clip.

If you know where to actually get the videos, please do let me know! I’m serious about getting them even if I have to pay a reasonable price for them. Haha!

In the meantime, you can check out more photos of this guy. Here’s a link to his Tumblr page. For now we’ll all have to be satisfied with the previews.

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