Rugby Athlete Shane’s Ass Gets Ploughed on Breeder Fuckers!

This week’s episode on BreederFuckers features Shane, the arrogant rugby star.

Shane takes his sport very seriously. He works out religiously even on his days off. One day he went to the gym early morning and he garnered the attention of our infamous sadists, Adrian and Dave. A strapping young man like Shane would never escape their notice. In fact, as soon as Shane walked over to the locker room, they immediately trailed after him.

Shane was oblivious to his surroundings. He was confident enough to think that someone would dare mess up with him. He was a towering muscle that could punch the shit out of someone if he chose to.

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His arrogance definitely cost him that. The two guys immediately tackled him and placed restraints on his wrist. It happened so fast. They tied him down to one of the benches, tore his jockstrap and laced it with something, then they pushed it into his mouth. This made Shane a bit dizzy and it felt like his strength dwindled.

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When he woke up, he was complete secured down the bench with his legs up in the air. They rendered him completely helpless in a position where someone could easily fuck him…

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See what happens next to Shane only at Breeder Fuckers!


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