Scarred Muscle – Part 1

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This week is quite special for DBB! The site definitely knows which type of guys to deliver just to get a stiff boner from us!

So, do you go to the gym and gaze at all the gym rats flexing their muscles? Have you fantasized about capturing one of these super hunks and make him your sex slave? Our muscle boy Neill just fits the profile. And we have Cole as the perfect tormentor.


The scene begins with Neill kneeling on the floor, the camera taking a special shot of every angle, capturing his perfect body and handsome face. Cole then enters from behind and demands Neill to stand up. Our muscle pet submissively obeys, but hatred shown on his face.

I particularly loved it when Cole brutally rips Neill’s tank off. I mean he really lets on with such sheer force! Cole then adjusts the pulley to raise Neill’s arms up– a lot of arm flexing in here as Neill tries to resist raising his arms but to no avail, of course. 🙂 Now that’s quite the treat for us fetish gay porn lovers, don’t you agree, or shall I say gay bondage lovers? ;-p


Neill braced for the whipping, and Cole just happily executed it, no doubt with such gusto on his part. We get to see Neill’s perfect torso, fully exposed, stretched right out for the lashing.

Cole rains down on Neill with a single tail, leaving wicked and reddish welts on that magnificent back! Just look at what I’m speaking of below. There’s plenty more of that when you catch the video and pics on DBB.


Another winner from Dream Boy Bondage! I just love it.

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