Scarred Muscle – Part 10

By now you must be very familiar with our muscle slaveboy Neill on Dream Boy Bondage, especially from all my previous blogs following his sufferings in this gay BDSM series. In Scarred Muscle – Part 9, Neill’s agony on the cross began. What’s remarkable is the focus on the preparation, plus a bonus of seeing the hapless victim getting jerked off in such a stressful position. Well, in the sequel to Neill’s crucifixion, we now get to see him endure in that atrocious position for hours, his perfect body on full display. 🙂

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Crucifixion is an endless form of torture. There’s not even a minute of reprieve once the cross stands in an upright position. The victim would either exert the pressure on his stretched-out arms or divert it on his ankles. Alternating the pressure between two points lies the very core of the torture. Just take a look at Neill’s contorted face above. Such a pity, but a beautiful sight regardless. 🙂

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When he was finally taken down, all the strength in his body had vanished. He just laid limp on the floor like a vegetable.

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Watch the entire scene on Dream Boy Bondage.

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