Scarred Muscle – Part 5


In this week’s gay BDSM update of Dream Boy Bondage Scarred Muscle Part 5 we finally get a more erotic and purely cockteasing scene for fetish gay porn lovers. Our muscle boy Neill’s been subject to Cole’s sadistic ministrations. This poor straight guy submits to Cole’s sweet zap torture, much to the muscle boy’s sufferings.

Now this is what I call the perfect bondage! I mean just look at Neill in here. Cole’s not been fully content zapping Neill so he stretches him  by attaching a nylon rope around the above steel railing and pulling it taut. This stretches Neill to his limit, forcing him to suck in his abs to sustain the pressure. The poor lad! But he surely looks good stretched tight like that, much to our satisfaction. 🙂


I bet Cole’s having the time of his life feeling Neill’s perfectly sculpted body, muscles rippling in this helpless position. It flawlessly showcases our muscle boy to the stoic and sadistic Cole to do whatever he pleases. And does he take full advantage!

Cole goes down on his knees in front of this hunk and takes his cock into his mouth! We can see Neill’s facial reaction contorted in the mixture of disgust and pleasure as Cole expertly lathers Neill’s dick with his talented and creative tongue.

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