Scarred Muscle – Part 7


We’ve been following the torment of Neill, our masochistic muscle boy on Dream Boy Bondage. The gay BDSM theme clip this Independence Day weekend has been worth it. Neill ends up spreadeagled on the table and is made to take the gigantic dildo up his virgin ass!

You can see that after all he’s been through, the fight is slowly disappearing. What’s left is nothing but obedience from this slave boy as he endures torture after torture from the ever sadistic male twink Cole.

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When Cole finally had Neill’s limbs spread widely apart, he cruelly toys with him using the dildo, building up Neill’s anxiety on what’s looming ahead for the poor male slave boy.

The dread on Neill’s face cannot be denied. Dream Boy Bondage has been living true to its philosophy that the slave boys’ nightmares become our dreams. 🙂

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Cole, of course, cannot contain himself from having a piece of Neill’s well-muscled body. He has to touch his abs one last time before he delivers the promise of pain. Strange that he doesn’t even pay much attention to Neill’s flaccid cock.

Well, in this BDSM video, Cole is more focused on how to give Neill the most possible pain when he rams that sinister thing up the hapless muscle victim’s virgin ass.

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DBB once again does not disappoint. You can literally hear Neill screaming while Cole brutally rams the dildo stick up his ass, violently pulling it out and pushing it in, much to our male slave’s agony.

Happy Independence Day! 🙂

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    • I’m not really sure. I just know him by that name and I haven’t seen him in other similar porn sites. I will def share once I come across it. 🙂

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