Scarred Muscle – Part 9

In Part 8 of this gay BDSM series featuring our favorite muscle stud Neill, we see how Cole unrelentingly whipped those rock hard abs followed by electro torture.

A Dream Boy Bondage video won’t be complete without the infamous crucifixion torture each victim has to go through. It’s pretty much tradition if you’ve been following the unfortunate journey of previous hunky studs featured here.

Neill will not be an exception; otherwise, we will all be extremely disappointed. He’s also looking pretty awesome crucified like this, don’t you think? Part 9 of this gay bondage video will surely take care of that fantasy.


Well before we all fantasize about Neill in this mouth-watering position, let me tell you first how the first scene unfolded from the start.

We see Neill laying on the cross on the floor. Cole slowly maneuvers the pulley to stand up.

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I’ve been personally titillated by the “preparations to the crucifixion.” There’s something that puts us on edge when we see the anticipation expresses on the victim’s face–the dread, defeat, and doom, summarized at the thought of what lies ahead.


Also, it’s the first time we see a crucifixion scene on DBB where the tormentor sexually takes advantage of the victim while plastered on that horrible cross. Well, it’s not totally sexually explicit…that’s if you don’t take advantage of jerking the poor guy off while in that stressful position. But there’s definitely something so perverse about it, wouldn’t you agree?

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And just like that, Neill ejects a projectile of cum.

++ Dream Boy Bondage ++


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