Seamus’s Endless Torment in the Hands of Officer Marx on Bound Gods

This week on Bound Gods features Seamus O’Reilly and Jonah Marx. Seamus plays the captive soldier and Jonah the officer that gets a kick out of torturing the soldier the exclusive movied called Cell 2.

Seamus had been very exhausted. Since his capture, Office Marx did not give him any moment of reprieve. The torture was relentless and not a single second wasted. He needed a moment to relax his mind so he could objectively plan his escape but it seemed that the officer knew it. He obviously kept the momentum to keep the captive from thinking just that.

Every morning, he would have the straight soldier suck on his cock. It was all part of removing his self-worth. The humiliation was necessary for any form of slavery. He also enjoyed seeing a straight stud going down on another man and completely despising it.

At one point Seamus thought that he had finally found his moment to escape only to be cornered by Officer Marx in the end. This got him a brutal flogging from the officer who didn’t have any room for mercy. It had been the last draw for Seamus. He began to accept that his fate was to become the slave and plaything of another man.

Officer Marx seemed to understand this from his captor so he rewarded him with an electric chair. He got the captive set upon it and tortured him with electric shocks.

This is quite a hot storyline, I have to say. You also need to see the twist in the end. It was awesome! If this is where Bound Gods is heading in their future videos, I’m definitely excited!  If you want to see the video, go check it out on Bound Gods.

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See what the others have said about this shoot:

“Very good. excellent story line. well acted and the suffering was great!”

“Excellent Very good flogging I love Seamus, bring him more often.”

Watch the movie now only on Bound Gods!

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