Sebastian Keys Plays Cop and Edges Sexy Convict Max Woods on Men on Edge

Sebastian Keys plays the the sexy cop with a named convict Max Woods on Men on Edge.

Officer Keys discovers Max jacking off in the open. He takes the horn dog back to the precinct for questioning. Sebastian jumps over his work area and grabs Max as he the officer grew irritated by his protests. He threatens to edge Max to the point of madness unless he swears not to jerk off in public anymore. The pervert just gets harder under the torment.

Officer Keys continues to edge him. He takes Max to the holding cells and pulls Max’s dick through an opening in the metal enclosure. Max is bound and fully secured, leaking pre-cum as Keys sucks his cock and jerks it with a flesh jack. Keys then tosses Max into a dull cross examination room and presses him down to an examination table, leaving his legs spread open for a vibrating dildo.

Generally, as Max is going to blow his load, Officer Keys tickles him. Keys eventually gives the freak what he needs, and drains a thick load from his hurting balls. Be that as it may, Max is still apprehended – Officer Keys keeps him secured to the table for more questioning.

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Watch Sebastian Keys and Max Woods play dirty on Men on Edge!

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