Secret Diary of an Escort

Dear Porn Pal,

One thing I can already tell about this next scene I’d like to share with you: EROTIC!

The execution of this scene is very tasteful. It’s almost like you’re watching a soft porn in the beginning, then to realize it leads to a very steamy graphic action.

It begins with the escort narrating about his secret life as an escort. I won’t even consider him as SecretDiaryOfAnEscort01drop-dead gorgeous, hunk of a guy, yet he’s extremely handsome in his own way. His looks may be considered grounded but sexual, and that just spices up his masculine appeal. He has dirty blond hair, a toned but not perfectly muscular body, boyish looks, and a very easygoing demeanor. You won’t be thinking of a perfect male model. What comes to mind is the striking man oozing with sex appeal, whom you see on your daily commute and can’t suddenly stop thinking about. He’s someone you can definitely relate when it comes to the looks department–raw, realistic, and genuine.

The scene first shows the escort rousing from bed, dallying around in his boxers, revealing the contours of his arms as he stretches them upward. Then you see him making breakfast, a very sexy music playing in the background. He’s waiting for a guest to come over, praying that he ends up with a “first-timer.” He makes a comment that he loves “first-timers” because of how nervous they can get. Not that it worries him; he knows how to handle them just fine.

A car parks in front of the escort’s place as he takes a peep from his window. A man climbs out of the car. He has dark, shaggy hair that creeps upon his nape and touches his shoulder. He wears a tailored jacket with white dress shirt underneath but no tie. He’s what you would describe as debonair. The escort absolutely likes what he sees. It must be one of his lucky days.

SecretDiaryOfAnEscort02Mr. Debonair approaches the front door and knocks. It didn’t take long for the escort to answer the door. As he opens it, he’s met with a smile that will leave an imprint on his mind. The man is hands-down handsome. His shyness just further elevates his handsome points to the tenth power. The escort’s growing dick is a testament of how much he appreciates his guest’s looks.

The escort ushers his guest in with a big smile on his face–whatever it takes to make his shy guest comfortable. Both men end up in the the escort’s living room. They stand face to face and the escort touches his lips with Mr.Debonair’s. That kiss is swift and fleeting. The escort disengages, only to push his hot guest down to the dark, brown leather couch. He remains standing and begins to unbutton his black dress shirt. This only leaves the guest staring with utter lust. It works.

The escort sits next to his guest and reinstates the burning kiss. I like this part. There’s something so intimate about it. The all-business-I’m-doing-this-because-I’m-an-escort faking to please a client is absolutely NOT happening here. The chemistry between the two is completely undeniable.

The escort grabs his guest’s hand and guides it to his left nipple. He keeps encouraging him not to be shy. At this time the guest is now a bit loosened up. He stands up and asks the escort if he wants him to completely strip. His response is to push him back down to the couch and undo his button. The guest asks how long the “session” would last. The escort explains that it’s usually an hour but more than glad to make an exception in this case. The hot guest could only smile to that, with now exposed chest and abs. His chest is not that big, yet well formed that you’d still want to get your tongue licking it, paying close attention to his two tiny nipples. His abs show a contour of six-pack that you’d want to feel with your own palms.

The escort definitely knows that the guest is quite the catch. He busies himself kissing him and rubbing his hands all over Mr.Debonair’s chest and abs. The heat escalates when the escort starts undoing the guest’s fly, revealing a pair of pristine white briefs concealing an erection. The escort brings his head down and starts inhaling the scent. He takes the bulge into his mouth without removing the fabric just yet. That just builds up the guest’s frustrations. But not for long. The escort pulls Mr. Debonair’s briefs down, finally freeing his aching erection.

The escorts wastes no further time and takes Mr.Debonair’s rod completely into his mouth. This only leaves him moaning in deep pleasure. The sensation coming from a hot mouth engulfing his entire manhood makes him arch his hip upward. They stand up and Mr. Debonair pushes the escort to the wall and kisses him hard. They break the kiss and the escort kneels down and sucks Mr. Debonair hard. They go back to the couch. This time Mr. Debonair sits down and the escort remains standing to get a blow job. Mr. Debonair happily complies and takes the escort’s stiff penis into his mouth. He sucks hard, and slurps on the escort’s cock.

When they are finally ready to fuck, both are so horned up that the escort tells the guest to show him the energy. Mr. Debonair obliges and shoves his dick into his ass and gives him a good fuck. The escort is SecretDiaryOfAnEscort11bent over the brown couch, enjoying the dick sliding in and out of his ass. Mr. Debonair takes his cock out and goes down to rim the escort. This time the escort is so lost in the pleasure of Mr. Debonair’s tongue playing with his tight hole. After the orgasmic rimming, Mr. Debonair sits on the couch and impales the escort with his cock. The escort takes the lead at this point, working his tight hole, clenching the special muscle to provide an unforgettable sensation for Mr. Debonair’s dick. Finally they reach the point of no return.

When all’s done, Mr. Debonair asks how much he owes the escort for all the trouble. The escort only responds that he owes him no money. Perhaps they can make it even some other time. 🙂

So far this is my favorite scene. If you want to experience for yourself, check it out on Men of UK. As usual, use the title of this post when you search.


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