Sergey: Sweat and Tears – 5

I first featured Sergey from Slave Boy Training here. I still haven’t changed my impression on him. He still remains a favorite from that site. I also spoke about how he became so docile. When you get to that first blog about him, you will see pictures of his face, looking so submissive and honestly quite beaten down. You probably wonder, “Why is this brawny man acting like a complete sissy?”

Now in this blog I will show you some picture as to why he’s exactly how we see him in the first post. Submission to his tormentor is frankly more appealing than feeling the sting of the whip while his hands are stretched and tied above his head. Now that’s a very vulnerable decision. Just take a look at some of these sizzling photos of Sergey being whipped!

When I first saw this video, I was completely transfixed by how submissive he had been despite the stinging lashes he received from his master. Now if you’re like me, I’d be happy looking at some of these pictures below, but it’s never enough. I want to see that hot body moving and wiggling while enduring this very titillating whipping session. Enjoy, my friends! 🙂

sergey5-1 sergey5-2 sergey5-3 sergey5-4 sergey5-5 Sergey5-6 sergey5-7 sergey5-8 sergey5-9 sergey5-10Watch this very hot scene only on Slave Boy Training!

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