Seth Santoro on 30 Minutes of Torment

If you’ve been following KinkOnDemand, you’re quite familiar with 30MinutesOfTorment. These are mid to heavy 1:1 gay bondage sessions with Van Darkholme featuring some of the hottest gay porn actors in existence today. It’s really up my alley. In fact, I’ve purchased a couple of clips on KOD produced by 30Mins.

The clip you see here features Seth Santoro, a very handsome and even hot porn actor that really looked sensational in all of the positions that Van has crafted and designed for him to be in.

Well in case you still haven’t noticed, I have an armpit fetish…male armpit fetish…hot male armpit fetish, and Seth possesses that attribute to warrant a feature here on my blog. Lucky for you I’ve found a decent preview from another site, but if you want to get the entire video, you should check out KinkOnDemand.

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Catch Seth Santoro only at 30 Minutes of Torment or buy his scene at Kink on Demand!

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