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Gay porn actors Frank Valencia and Tony Gys pair up in this super sensual gay sex video on The whole clip can best be described as sex yoga, especially in the beginning where you can hear the soothing voice of a commentator giving various interpretation on color and other stuff.

If you’re also into guys filled with tattoos, then you’ll definitely be happy about Frank Valencia. I really enjoyed the sensuality both porn actors showed here. Their kissing, particularly, is fiery hot, to say the least.



Frank Valencia happens to be a Taurus, whose sign is known for its sensuality. Well, let me just say that it simply translates into the whole video.

I also love Tony Gys’s responsive nature. Well, he’s a Capricorn. Both of these actors are earth signs. It is no wonder why they are all about exploration but always from a very sensual angle.

SexColorsGOM10 SexColorsGOM13

Even when they engage in anal sex, both porn actors couldn’t stop kissing each other. There’s also something so seductive with the way one pair of lips locks with the other. You can hear the moan and that hot sound of the kiss.

SexColorsGOM15 SexColorsGOM16

And when it was all over, you’d think you’ve just been engaged in a voyeuristic activity between two loving gay couple. Now that’s what I call a performance. 🙂

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