Shower Encounters – Part 3

Gay porn star Horus Sweet once again preys on hot studs in the showers in this porn series on MEN! This time, the fortunate victim is the gay porn star, Sebastian Young. Have you ever wondered or even fantasized about going down on one of those muscle studs in a communal shower sometimes? Now it’s very rare that you may even find one pleasuring himself while the hot shower is running and his amazing, muscular body is lathered in soap. Well, that’s what Horus and Sebastian bring us in this steamy gay sex clip. Enjoy!


Horus spies on Sebastian as he strokes his rod…I don’t have to point the obvious that bottom Horus enjoys this particular sight. Can you point the evidence? :-p


Now it takes some balls to spring up next to the guy you’re fantasizing about. From being a voyeur to a creepy stalker, not everyone can pull it off, unless you’re super hot like Horus.

ShowerEncountersPart3STG06 ShowerEncountersPart3STG05

Sebastian was caught off guard. When he opens his eyes from that moment of self-euphoria, he finds Horus standing next to him. If you were in his shoes, wouldn’t you react the same way? But then again, when you start looking at your stalker, you realize he’s not actually creepy. So you end up even taking advantage.

ShowerEncountersPart3STG08 ShowerEncountersPart3STG13 ShowerEncountersPart3STG16 ShowerEncountersPart3STG17

Catch both Horus Sweet and Sebastian Young on this steam encounter on MEN.

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