Slave for Money – Matvey – Batch 2

Now there’s a new apparatus we see on Russian Captured Boys. This is a first for sure, and the victim couldn’t look much more appealing. It’s simply beautiful, seeing him suffering like that.

In case you’re wondering, this new and wicked apparatus is called a Wooden Horse or, interchangeably, Spanish Donkey. It’s quite the infamous device used to inflict the most agonizing pain during the Spanish Inquisition. The poor victim is unfortunately laid atop the sharpened wedge. Weights or anything heavy were attached to the victim’s legs. If the torturers then were feeling a bit more creative, they could lift the victim up and let them drop many times! The ultimate outcome is to split the victim in half. OUCH!

Don’t worry that was during the Spanish Inquisition though. I’m sure our RCB team here would just want to toy around with it at the expense of this unfortunate captive. 🙂

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Don’t miss the video. Watch it on Russian Captured Boys!

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