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So the Russian Captured Boys producers love playing into our darkest fantasies. This is one of their latest complete frontal nudity series called Slave on Duty. The model is just perfect! He’s not your typical beefy, muscled guy, but he’s rather very masculine emphasized by the hairy features. He’s the perfect otter to enslave for sure!

Imagine an alternate world where you can check in at a hotel and you’re then given the option to avail yourself of a male slave for the night to do with him as you please. The room is already equipped with tools to carry out your fantasies. Not only that, but you’re also given tutelage by a Shibari master on how to best bind the poor slave. That’s what you have in the first part of the series.

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As for the second, a sadistic doctor rented the poor male slave. You will see genital torture and humiliation. This is a scene that will surely fill up your balls and it won’t take a while before you itch to touch yourself down there.

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In the final episode, the male slave is punished by the hotel owner himself. He had the slave strapped on a huge metal web and rendered completely helpless to his sadistic ministrations.

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See the entire series that comes in three episodes. Watch them on Russian Captured Boys before it goes into archives.

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