Slave Vasily: Returned to Correct – Part 1



I love the theme of male slaves caught and subjected to indentured services. Russian Captured Boys has produced a gay BDSM clip with this particular fetish of mine, and I’m quite certain there are many of you out there who fancy having a male slave of your own that you can order around, wholesome or not. :-p

So in this case, Vasily was sent by his master back to the slave brothel for correction. He looks really good in his black leather jacket and a well-formed fitting pair of dark-washed jeans. It brings out his “blondness” (as in the hair) and blue eyes.

We also get to see Vasily here fully naked, a full frontal while he’s removing his underwear! RCB rarely posts videos with full frontal, so this is one rare shoot.

RCB once again delivers a high-caliber and beautiful whipping video. It’s very realistic and I think that’s what adds to the appeal of videos produced on this site. I can’t emphasize that enough.

DSC_3966 DSC_3967In the mean time, I enjoy some of these pics available from the site that I don’t mind sharing with you, guys!

If it’s any consolation, Vasily looks damn good with that slave collar on and a leash for you to hold and lead him around like a prized pet.

DSC_3968 DSC_3972Now we can just imagine the cruelty our slave boy has to go through at the unforgiving hands of this interrogator who looks like one of the villains on the Matrix movies. I sometimes wish those are my fingers pinching such beautiful nipples. :-p


Catch the entire video on RCB.

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