Slaves Auction – Vitaly – Part 2

I really love it when Russian Captured Boys produced a series about slave auction. Even though it’s just fantasy, it feeds one’s imagination to explore the possibilities.

Vitaly was one of the two slaves sold at the auction block. It was very unfortunate for the poor slave because he attracted the attention of the infamous doctor in town. This doctor had a reputation for experimenting with his slaves. He dedicated his studies to finding out the most sensitive part of a man’s body when it comes to pain, and he carried out his test on the poor slaves that he purchased from the auction block.

In the first part of the series, Vitaly was showcased at the auction block and ended up in the laboratory of the mad doctor.

I’d like to focus on Part 2 though. In this case, the doctor had a chance to show his inventiveness when it came to tying a slave up. You got to appreciate the brilliance of this torture despite its simplicity. The slave had to stand on tiptoe all the time or he would strangle himself if dropped from position. Leaving a male slave like this for hours would surely put him in such agony.

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In the last part of the series, the doctor was finally able to discover every section of the poor slave’s body and he didn’t waste time inflicting the worst pain.

The photos above are all from part two. If you want to see all three episodes, catch the entire shoots only at Russian Captured Boys!

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