Slaves Competition 2 – Finale – Russian Captured Boys

The slaves have learned their lesson. The have gone through a lot of punishments together. In a way, they think that they have formed a bond stronger because of what they had been through. Things do not work like that at Russian Captured Boys, however. These sadists do not just know how to inflict physical pain. They also know how to exploit someone psyche. They have electrocuted these slaves in the last session.

Now, it’s time to cap the deal. They will make one whip the other and vice-versa so they will eventually resent each other. It’s just the beginning. As one leaves marks and welts on the body of the other, they will soon be reminded of the cruelty that they have experienced not just in the hands of the slavers, but with the fellow slaves as well.

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Watch these slaves made to whip each other only on Russian Captured Boys!

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