Slaves Competition 2 – Part 3 on Russian Captured Boys

I’ve never featured the prequels of this bondage series on Russian Captured Boys but I cannot resist sharing this part with you guys. I first featured Mikhail here on the Captured Worker series. He was one of my favorite models from RCB then and he still is. Mikhail looks adorable and super delicious in here, especially when suspended like that. I haven’t blogged about Nikolai but he was also featured in an excellent bondage video series back then. His videos are in RCB’s archives now.

The whipping here is intense. Again, I want to point that the whipping here is a quite intense. It’s true that there’s no blood. If that’s what you’re looking for, that’s not what you’re going to find here. But for a staged whipping, this is as realistic as it could get. Those welts look painful!

When you see two hunky, beefy guys strung up like pieces of meat, and then hauled down just to get whipped senseless by a super brawny man wearing a mask, that’s classic RCB and something that you don’t want to miss.

Check out some of these pics down here.

foto0003 foto0026 foto0171 foto0186 foto0332 foto0515 foto0581 foto0700 foto1212 foto1313

Watch these two hot guys suffer some serious whipping only on Russian Captured Boys!

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