St. Dunstans Male Slave Auction

Dear Porn Pal,

Okay, I’ll share with you another scene that I love about the St Dunstans series.

I mean what could be hotter than parading naked men, gagged, and numbered to go on stage for male slave auction? On top of that, you see a bunch of horny girls participating in the auction, horny enough to bid for these jocks.

In the beginning we see a sexy, female host announcing the slave auction being held. She then calls numbers four to seven, obviously the hot jocks made available for auction. Four guys go up on stage, all completely naked, wearing a collar around their necks and gagged. They weren’t chosen for their talking skills but their athletic and muscular bodies.


The female host goes to number seven. His name is James and he is led by the leash to the center of the stage. The spotlight is pointed towards him, accentuating his muscular build while kneeling in front of all the women. Embarrassment evident on his face, yet there’s no choice but to brave the whole humiliation through. James is a typical university jock– hot body, black hair, muscular build, a set of nipples that aren’t big but not small either, just right. His arms are clearly well defined, even more so since his shoulders are pushed forward since his hands are tied behind his back. I mean he’s hot and driving the women insane.

The female host is clearly enjoying this whole process. She’s obviously a pro in what she does, gifted at making lewd comments obviously to increase the bidding rate, which started at twenty bucks. Hands go up easily. Before you know it, the bidding springs up to two hundred bucks.

To up the ante more, the female host makes James turn around so his back is facing the women. She then gets James to bend over and reach back to spread his ass for the girls to see and enjoy. James is dying in shame and wonders how he ended up in this predicament. He’s definitely not treated like a human being but a male slave for the girls’ amusement.

James complies and spreads his ass cheeks apart. The female host begins to caress and feels him up. She even kisses his right ass cheek getting a commotion of approval from the female audience.

Finally the bid stops at a staggering amount and the winner is identified. The next scene unfolds with a woman standing on a chair to hold James’s hands up, revealing his sexy armpits that you’d just want to lick. You then see his new owner working his back with a nasty looking flogger. James realizes that there’s no escaping the torture and humiliation so he just takes everything like a man.

Other women start to flock around James, clearly hypnotized by his masculine male beauty on explicit display for them. It seems that his new owner is proud and has no reservations parading him for the others to drool over. Some horny women are bold enough to reach out for his flaccid dick and start massaging it. James is clearly mortified for being fondled like that in public but the sensation is betraying his resolve not to get an erection.

This seems to signal the other women and motivate them to approach James. They all start fondling him while his new owner keeps enjoying the flogging process. James could only wonder if this is what he’s gone through on his first day as a slave, what other humiliations must he endure in the coming days.


The three male slaves on stage could only look with doom in their eyes, awaiting their turn. You can see this whole gay porn scene on St Dunstans series.

Hope you enjoy this quick tale! :-p


Porn mate


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