Straight Guy Brad’s Life of Total Slavery – BreederFuckers!

In BreederFuckers this week, we witness the new enslaved life of straight dude, Brad. This brawny and muscular man has been diminished into a mere bitch boy made to serve and wait on the whims of sadistic Adrian and Dave.


These two really get a kick out of humiliating the stud and they make him do things that would make you cringe. Yes, they made him lick their boots and their dirty soles, demanding that the hunk licked them clean or face the consequence.



When Brad finds himself about to throw up, Adrian and Dave are viciously fast in reminding him to get back to the task, using persuasive and painful methods that they channel through the poor man’s collar.


All of these will not be complete without subjecting the stud to sexual humiliation and the sadistic duo enjoys nothing more than to pound this man’s tight ass and stick their dicks into his reluctant mouth.

Check out more on Brad’s humiliation! 


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