Straight Guy Edged by Another Guy for the First Time on Men on Edge

There’s a new straight dude in town. Chris Pryce is tall and handsome and he comes to the offices of Kink Men to discover bondage. As Van and Sebastian Keys escort him to the top floor of the Armory, the horny stud cannot even deny his excitement. He immediately gets hard as Van and Seb take his clothes off and feel his muscles up. Sebastian cuts his briefs away, freeing that throbbing erection begging for Sebastian to suck.

Sebastian doesn’t waste time and begins playing with the straight stud’s cock with his talented tongue and mouth. Chris is bound against the pillar so he cannot do anything but submit to the pleasure that only Sebastian’s mouth could give.

When Seb finished sucking Chris, he gets the Fleshjack and uses it to further bring Chris to the edge. The straight stud could only roll his eyes back from the ecstasy that he’s feeling at that moment.

They then tie him spread-eagled down the bed. Sebastian goes and tickle Chris’s large feet while inserting a vibrating dildo up his virgin ass. He begs Van and Sebastian to make him cum and they let him, only to play with his sensitive dick head in the end.


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Watch Chris Pryce gets edged only on Kink Men!

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