Straight Man’s Descent into Submission on Reluctant Young Men

Straight man Mac is back into production, but with Reluctant Young Men this time. I have first featured him getting a sensuous hand job from Rich. Now this straight dude’s curiosity is shooting up the roof. He’s been brave enough to submit to some serious spanking.

Rich had so much fun dominating the sexy 26-year-old straight lad a few weeks ago that he must have him back in production.  He expertly wielded every instrument – his own hands, metal paddle, bath brush – to spank the sexy straight stud.

Mac was beside himself with the stinging pain he felt on his ass. He could only struggle and cry out in pain.

MacDescentRYM1 MacDescentRYM2 MacDescentRYM3 MacDescentRYM4 MacDescentRYM5 MacDescentRYM6 macDescentRYM7 MacDescentRYM8 MacDescentRYM9

Watch how Rich turns Mac’s bubble butt cherry red from all that spanking only on Reluctant Young Men!

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