Striptease Dancer Boris – Part I

Dear Porn Lovers,

Our favorite sadist is back! You first saw him on Rented Captive 1 & 2. Well in the next bondage series that Russian Captured Boys has produced, he gets quite smitten with a hot stripper named Boris, who will be the next unfortunate victim. Our overly eager stripper came in with such enthusiasm, thinking that he was going to probably make a lot of money. The client seemed well loaded and very much turned on with him. There are many of them out there–those discreet and rich gentlemen who try to satisfy their perverse inclinations quietly. Little did he know that this particular client had a different idea of what fun should be. Our dear boy would just have to find that out in a rather unpleasant manner.

A_(29) A_(62) A_(71)

After Boris gave a very good show, the sadistic client had been so turned on that he asked Boris to have sex with him. Not only did he ask but he made some inappropriate advances. Boris was so taken aback and told the client he didn’t engage in sex with a client and that he only strips. This only increased the sadistic client’s frustrations so he turned to more drastic measures.

A_(199)Once he got the stripper secured, he then begins with his sadistic games. First on the menu: HOT CANDLE WAX!

A_(200) A_(258) A_(283) A_(353) A_(456)Catch the whole clip on RCB!

Always horny,

Porn Mate

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