Nick & Terry Caught Red Handed at the Park Toilets

November 14, 2017 Queer Bee 0

Hot young, gay men like Nick may find themselves looking for actions at the park toilets every now and then. That’s also true when this toilet is quite infamous for being a pit stop for horny, muscular men looking to have a good time. It doesn’t take long before a man approaches Nick and the adventure begins! It’s just going to be one of the few men he’s looking to […]

Triple Humiliation Features this Week – CMNM, CFNMTV, and CFNM

May 19, 2017 Queer Bee 0

On CFNM, foreign student Alex Dobrovolski thought that he’d be able to come out of this nightmare that he got himself into. Two very aggressive email had strapped him against a wall and tied him up. They stripped him of his shirt and he felt totally humiliated. Ms. Corefuterex, the instructor, enters and Alex felt relieved for a moment, only to realize that the instructor approached him and ripped his underwear […]

Sunday Triple Play Humiliation Update – CMNM, CFNMTV, and StripSearchHell

August 21, 2016 Queer Bee 0

Hello, everyone! I hope you all are having fun this Sunday. Here are some of the most titillating updates available today from our favorite gay bondage sites. Side-show Bob is back in prison here on Strip Search Hell after getting himself in trouble once again. He knows the drill. There will be no consideration from the jail warden. They will get a kick out of spraying him with highly pressurized […]

Prince Talim Gets Drained on CMNM

July 30, 2016 Queer Bee 0

The two perverts did a thorough job of inspecting Prince Talim’s ass the last time. But it wasn’t enough. They want to further bring this muscular man to heel. He’s just too hot for them to let go now so they continue with the ruse here on CMNM. Prince Talim is furious. He’s submitted to the hands of these two perverts. He has his ass drilled and poked and he […]

Hunky Prince Talim Submits on All Four for a Closer Ass Inspection

July 23, 2016 Queer Bee 0

Adrian and David have deceptively lured Prince Talim to strip off his clothes so his adversary can have a better look on cam. Now they want to further his humiliation. The truth is that there’s actually no one behind the camera. They just tricked the prince to do so because they are the ones who have been lusting over him. Hands locked behind his head, the proud prince endures the […]

Back-to-Back Sunday Humiliation on CMNM and Strip Search Hell

July 17, 2016 Queer Bee 0

On CMNM, Paddy gets humiliated by his friends as they inspect his most private and intimate parts shamelessly. The poor lad  is left with no choice but to spread his ass for his buddies. Meanwhile on Strip Search Hell, a convict with a little weenie gets humiliated by the prison guards. The prisoner is notorious for causing troubles and he’s become quite a pain for the officers. Now they ought to […]

The Muscular Royal Prince Talim is Blackmailed to Strip and Groped on CMNM

July 8, 2016 Queer Bee 0

When I first saw the debut of Prince Talim series on CMNM, I suddenly got horny just by looking at him. The man is beautiful. He’s the perfect in every sense of the word. He’s also the right man to humiliate. Arrogant and accustomed to people bowing down to him, Prince Talim finds himself in a bit of trouble. He’s overconfident that he’ll get out of this mess with very […]

Roger Gets Fondled and Inspected at CMNM

June 12, 2016 Queer Bee 0

CMNM features Roger this week submitting to the manhandling of young men. Roger is a middle-aged man caught in a difficult crossroad recently. Life has been tough for him. After he got laid off from his corporate job a couple of months ago, he tried hard every day to find a job because the bills kept piling up. He also had to provide for his family and their daily needs. […]

Enrico Inspected at CMNM

May 14, 2016 Queer Bee 0

I love CMNM and the specific concept that they hit in the gay bondage sphere. Take a look at Enrico here. Everyone loves a well-built, muscular man submitting to the close inspection of horny white-collared men. Imagination is great, and I imagine living in an alternate reality where the powerful could buy their own male slave and inspect them like one would expect a stallion. These men had Enrico put […]