Fake Photoshooting – Part 1 on Russian Captured Boys

June 20, 2016 Queer Bee 0

Today’s feature on Russian Captured Boys is pretty tame. That’s often the case with any series debut. In this case, the theme is again luring in hunky boys to torment. Poor Danila should’ve been more careful or at least Poor Danila should’ve been more careful or at least more cautious when offered a modeling shoot without the proper contract and background check. He’s way too¬†trusting for this. With that, he’s […]

The Guy Caught on the Street – Part I

July 17, 2015 Queer Bee 0

Note that the following is work of fiction! The Russian Captured Boys team has now decided to expand their operations. No longer will they thrive relying on networking alone but they must proactively search the streets for handsome young men that they can train to become obedient slaves. The first one was lured in with a promise of a lucrative construction job. Once the brawny stud came in for the […]

Football Star Trey Becomes the Master’s Toy – Final

July 12, 2015 Queer Bee 2

If you haven’t read the previous part of the short story inspired by the bondage scenes on Bound Up Boys, click here. The following fiction below contains non-consensual sex theme that may offend. Do not proceed if you’re sensitive to that type of material. It was mind numbing. The brain was a fascinating creation. All of a sudden, you couldn’t even get a sense of your immediate surrounding even though […]

The Cheated Patient – Part I

July 6, 2015 Queer Bee 0

Russian Captured Boys has come up with a fresh bondage theme and I couldn’t wait to share them with you, guys! Firstly, let’s all appreciate how hot the model is that you could start feeling your insides burning! Well, most RCB models are quite the hunks anyway, but this one has more of a swimmer’s build. Some like it, some don’t, and I’m one of those who like that kind […]

The Twink Abducts a Muscle Stud in “Street Fighter” – Part I

July 5, 2015 Queer Bee 0

Check out this bondage throwback produced by Bound-Up Boys. I can’t skip the opportunity to share this series that features the beefy Brogan under the ministrations of Joey. Some twinks fantasize about mastering a muscle stud. Wouldn’t it be nice to actually have these hunks under their control just for once? Unfortunately most twinks only fantasize about it without following through. Except for Joey. Joey’s been patiently waiting for the […]

Football Star Trey Becomes The Master’s Toy – Part I

June 21, 2015 Queer Bee 0

Warning: The following short story is a work of fiction and may contain themes such as bondage and dubious consent that could offend someone. Also, do not continue if you are under age. The story was also inspired by the bondage series called Master’s Toy that you can watch on Bound Up Boys. Trey strolled down the school parking lot and made his way to his class. That was all […]

Military Intelligence Officer – Part I

November 14, 2014 Queer Bee 0

Dear Porn Lovers,

I have one way to describe this scene: Evolutionary! Now, I’m not exaggerating. I think what elevates this quality bondage video from Russian Captured Boys is its nuanced approach to delivering pain from the part of the torturer, as well as taking it on the captive’s part. The reaction is very real. You can spot the involuntary shaking after the captive had taken quite a beating with the dreadful stick. […]