Go Go Dancer Rustam Drugged, Endures Bondage and Pain

August 14, 2018 Queer Bee 0

Rustam is one of my favorite models on Russian Captured Boys. He’s your typical go-go dancer: hot and hustling. It also helps that Rustam seems to show some resemblance with the famous Hollywood actor, Henry Cavill. So he rarely gets vacant during the work week. Men and women alike are wanting to have a piece of him and he’s happy to oblige as long as they loosen up the purse. […]

Mac Gets Attention on his Nips, Pits, and Dick on STHJ

September 13, 2016 Queer Bee 0

Ah! I love it! Mac’s back on Slow Teasing Hand Jobs and I love finding him tied down on Rich’s infamous massage table. We last saw him getting a good beating on his ass the last time. Rich has the young man completely naked with hands tied over his head, completely helpless from Rich’s sensual assaults. Rich oils up his hands and starts to slowly feel Mac’s athletic body up. He explores […]

Handsome Latino Submits to Roger’s CBT

February 9, 2016 Queer Bee 0

Here’s another Shotgun fave of mine. I love how the Latino guy subtly squirms as Roger plays and adds weights to drag his balls down. The Latino’s response was seductive, almost pleading for Roger to bring him to the edge. I also like the set up here. The Latino guy sprawled on the bed with his hands stretched and tied above his head. Roger than scoops up next to him, […]

The Resale of Bodybuilder Roman – Part 1

October 16, 2015 Queer Bee 0

Roman has been a very popular slave on Russian Captured Boys. If you want to read my blog posts about him, click here. If I take a gander as to why, I think it’s his facial reactions that really do the trick. When he struggles from his ordeal and torture, you can feel all of that through his face. He remains subtle, yet expressive. He’s definitely a contradiction. Well now […]

I Love The Pain, Sir!

May 11, 2015 Queer Bee 0

“I love the pain sir!”

Now in this Bound Gods’ gay bondage flick we’re treated to some chocolate delight. Micah’s got the most beautiful skin, and it’s even more beautiful when whipped while he’s secured and struggling upon the St. Andrew’s cross.

One of the things that can stir “it” up for bondage lovers like me is seeing a piece of meat tied up with a blindfold on. […]