Arrogant Prisoner Power Jet Washed with Ice Cold Water

July 31, 2016 Queer Bee 0

In Strip Search Hell, the warders of one prison have once again abused their authority over the prisoners. In general, the prisoners are afforded warm water for shower but some men still choose not to utilize it. For arms trafficker, the accommodations may not be as lenient. They are in fact encouraged to remain soiled and stinky. They usually get the attention of the abusive warders. Once they are apprehended […]

The Punishment for Sergeant Part I on Russian Captured Boys

July 25, 2016 Queer Bee 0

Another episode has debuted today on Russian Captured Boys called the Punishment for Sergeant. One of the prison warders is caught as being lenient with the captives. This enrages the boss who has a reputation of being cruel to the prisoners. He’s a sadist. He ensures that their living conditions remain primitive and stifling. In short, he wants the captives to be in a constant ordeal. The prison warder stands meekly by the wall […]

Cocky Felon Returns to Jail, Manhandled by Prison Warders

July 24, 2016 Queer Bee 0

This felon’s been used to getting his way in everything that he does. He has the street smarts and the bravado that could expel his adversaries. He’s naturally intimidating to them. He wears that overbearing stance like a charm. It works a lot to his advantage in the outside world. It also draws unwanted attention to himself on the flip side. It’s the kind of attention you really don’t want […]

Slave for Money – Matvey – Batch 2

January 18, 2016 Queer Bee 0

Now there’s a new apparatus we see on Russian Captured Boys. This is a first for sure, and the victim couldn’t look much more appealing. It’s simply beautiful, seeing him suffering like that. In case you’re wondering, this new and wicked apparatus is called a Wooden Horse or, interchangeably, Spanish Donkey. It’s quite the infamous device used to inflict the most agonizing pain during the Spanish Inquisition. The poor victim is […]

Captured Superintended

December 21, 2015 Queer Bee 0

The term construction guys may sometimes put some of us in a great mood. It even fires up some of our imagination as to what a typical construction man looks like, and allowing us to explore that imagination as far as thinking of owning one and to do with him as we please. That’s what Russian Captured Boys has fleshed out for us in this particular series. To make this […]

Special Forces Commando

November 30, 2015 Queer Bee 0

This has got to go to my favorites list. We all love a freshly captured arrogant soldier who has no clue as to the struggles that await him. Our special forces commando here is no different, which is why the team at Russian Captured Boys has enjoyed tormenting the bravado out of him. At first you can see the smirk on this proud soldier. It’s as if he’s even challenging […]

The Twink Becomes a Live Sex Doll in Forest Fun – Part 4

July 3, 2015 Queer Bee 0

These Tchukistan soldiers were made for sex marathons. They were insatiable! In part 3, they started fucking the shit out of the poor twink who unfortunately made the wrong turn down their way. Now the fucking continues and it gets rougher and rougher. You may even start to think that they do not see the twink as a human being but just a life size sex doll made to satisfy […]

The Sargeant Electrocutes the Prisoner in The Second Military Story Finale

June 22, 2015 Queer Bee 0

In the previous part of this Russian Captured Boys series, the Sargeant took it up with the poor prisoner, blaming the lad for the sufferings that the Sargeant endured for letting the prisoner’s comrade escape. Click here for the full post. Well, the prisoner remains strong and endures the torments with dignity. The Sargeant isn’t going to give up. He needs to break this prisoner to make him realize the […]

His Torture Continues at “Bodybuilder Roman in Slavery – Part II”

June 18, 2015 Queer Bee 0

If you haven’t read the first part of this Russian Captured Boys bondage series yet, check it out here! Despite the hundred lashes that landed on different parts of his body, leaving a web of wicked welts all over, Roman was still in a state of disbelief. Would this really be his fate from here on? A life of perpetual bondage? A guinea pig for different torture experiments conducted by […]