The Toughest Day for the Bearded POW on Russian Captured Boys

November 20, 2017 Queer Bee 0

One can only imagine the horrors of becoming a POW. That’s more terrifying when you become one in Russia. The Russian officials have a reputation for being tough when dealing with prisoners. Take for instance this handsome, bearded, stoic, prisoner. We see the gruff and determined exterior of this man. We cannot also look past his apparent masculinity. The pictures below are from the final video of this series that […]

Thomas – Four Years Later – Part I

May 25, 2015 Queer Bee 0

NOTE: The following short story is a product of fiction. It’s inspired by the videos and pictures in a series called Thomas – 4 Years Later from a gay bondage fantasy site Dream Boy Bondage. Any similarity to real-life situation is purely coincidental. Thomas opened his eyes and he saw nothing but darkness. He thought for a moment that maybe it was just a dream. It didn’t take a minute […]

Honza Franzl and Thomas Dyk – RAUNCHY

April 11, 2015 Queer Bee 0

I’m actually getting horny just by blogging about this Str8Hell gay porn clip from 2011. I have a weakness for gay porn bondage vids with a guy fully stretched out to the point that he stands on tiptoes. I particularly like to see lean or athletic guys in such a vulnerable position, not the super muscular ones. […]