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There’s nothing hotter than two straight guys talking about their sexcapades while lounging in a living room. This gay sex scene that I’m going to share with you focuses on Chris and Tommy in a scene called Taste Testing on Men.

Chris sits back and has his left leg resting on the coffee table. He has a shaved head, a well-defined jawline that emphasizes a very masculine facial feature. He has an olive skin that is burnished just right. It gives him a virile air that you just want to take a whiff as though examining the attributes of a fine, red wine. He’s wearing a fitted maroon t-shirt that does little to hide the bulging biceps. What a fine specimen that you just want to feel with your fingertips.

Then you have Tommy. He begins talking about his most recent score with a chick. Although I doubt you’d listen much to that because your vision will automatically be drawn to his unforgettable looks. When it comes to features, he’s quite the opposite from Chris. He has short, dark-blond, cropped hair, with a do that spikes up at the front. He’s wearing a well fitted, plain, gray t-shirt that defines an athletic build. His eyes are so round; they’re literally built to hypnotize you when you’re unfortunate enough to stare at them. Yes, he’s your all-American guy.

Chris comments that Tommy always sleeps around too much. Tommy just laughs at that and points out that there’s something special about his most recent run-in. I mean the girl wasn’t just any chick. She was a blind chick. The typical male bravado is caught fleetingly on camera but then shifts to Chris’s handsome face while he chuckles at Tommy’s revelation. He chimes in that sex becomes better and, therefore, hotter when one can’t see. Tommy pauses and contemplates the intriguing comment for a moment. He then resonates that depriving one’s sense will heighten the rest, making them more sensitive. He smiles while proudly sharing the details of his most recent home run with this blind chick.

Chris then pulls out a bandana from his pocket. He tells Tommy that maybe it’s better to put the theory to the test, so he proceeds and blindfolds Tommy. It all happens swiftly without giving Tommy the opportunity to protest or even think about turning Chris down. Now when you see an all-American hunk with a blindfold on, that usually triggers a fucking a hard-on. There’s something so sexy about that vision. It conveys helplessness. More importantly, it conveys submission.

Screenshot at Jun 11 12-04-08

Chris tells Tommy to just sit back while he picks up some stuff in the kitchen. He comes back carrying two bowls of fruit. He grabs a piece from one of the bowls and brings it up to Tommy’s nose without touching the tip but close enough for Tommy to smell. Tommy smells something sweet and immediately guesses… a STRAWBERRY! As a reward, Chris feeds the fruit into his mouth…slowly…sensually. Now you’d think that a straight guy as Tommy would start to feel weird, right? Apparently, the tasting game just turns him on.

Chris, who’s now quite confident to go on after the approval from his hot buddy, then grabs a piece from the second bowl and brings it up close for Tommy to smell, yet he still fails to identify it. Chris encourages him to no avail. After the unsuccessful attempts at smelling, Chris finally feeds the piece into his mouth. This time, Tommy’s lips brush against Chris’s finger as he catches the fruit into his mouth. As he tastes it, he instantly recognizes the taste of PINEAPPLE.

This little game of seduction has brought Chris to the edge of lust. The sexual tension is absolutely palpable. He starts rubbing Tommy’s crotch with a feather duster. Still with a blindfold on, Tommy asks his buddy what he’s up to. Chris only reassures for Tommy to just relax and enjoy. He peels Tommy’s underwear down, revealing a semi-erect cock. But it does not take much long before it becomes a full, raging hard-on after a playful rub from the feathery duster. A moan escapes Tommy’s lips, the all-American boy clearly basking in the pleasures of this ministration… Then Chris goes down and finally takes his penis into his mouth.

Screenshot at Jun 11 12-04-41

There’s something graceful about the way Chris is sucking Tommy. It’s not rushed. He’s biding his time, slowly building the tempo. Tommy’s moans grow louder, a confirmation that his sense of touch has become sharper. Temporarily robbing him of his eyesight has definitely increased his sensitivity, particularly that of his dick lost inside Chris’s hot mouth. Mmmm.

Screenshot at Jun 11 12-05-04

Oh, boy. The scene just gets hotter and hotter from this point on. You’ll get so totally turned on when you see Chris removes his shirt, showing the rippling muscles from his arms, the hard abs, and the olive-toned skin. There’s a scene where Tommy returns the favor and gives him a blowjob, followed by a sixty-nine on the couch. It’s not the usual sixty-nine. It’s that one part that I would describe as simply mouth-watering. Oh, they also fucked.

Screenshot at Jun 11 12-05-16

Now before you take your undies off and begin masturbating, check out the scene on Straight to Gay called “Taste Testing.” 😉


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