The Cheated Patient – Part I

Russian Captured Boys has come up with a fresh bondage theme and I couldn’t wait to share them with you, guys!

Firstly, let’s all appreciate how hot the model is that you could start feeling your insides burning! Well, most RCB models are quite the hunks anyway, but this one has more of a swimmer’s build. Some like it, some don’t, and I’m one of those who like that kind of build in a man.

The blurb says that Konstantin is a professional swimmer who had some back problems, so he went to see the doctor and get it checked.

Little did he know that the doctor was quite taken with him for his looks. There was another thing that Konstantin didn’t know, and that was the doctor’s sadistic nature.

Watch how the doctor demonstrated his bizarre inclination by tormenting the patient with running water, and watch how Konstantin struggled!

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Watch the bondage video now on Russian Captured Boys!

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