The Dom Becomes the Sub in “The Shaving”

Antonio Miracle usually plays a dominant role in gay bondage scenes, but tables have turned in the following scene produced by HardKinks.

He just looks so good strapped against the St. Andrew’s Cross, waiting for the other real doms in the likes of Julio Rey and Mario Domenech to own him.

Mario Domenech also appeared in another HardKinks featured bondage shoot on Bullfight Edition Vol. 2. If you want to see him in another light, read about my blog here.

In ‘The Shaving’, however, we focus more our attention on Antonio Miracle. He couldn’t wait to get his ass pounded but his doms wanted him shaven smooth before they fuck the hell out of him.

So for those of you who enjoy a shaving scene, this one is a must see!

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Watch the entire scene only on HardKinks!

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