The First Medical Experiment – Part I

I’m quite happy to feature videos and pics from Russian Captured Boys again. This is by far on top of my most favorite gay bondage pay sites out there. The niche that they have established is unlike anything I’ve seen before, and pretty much everything I look for in a site.

Now the model below had already been featured on RCB before. You can either check out the older clips when you get to their site or the archives, or check out my older posts about this same model here, where he took quite a beating from the whip, leaving red marks all over his body.

Back to the model. He came back to the RCB team because he needed some cash and the producers of the site had something fun in mind. Too bad for him that he had to earn the money in quite a painful way, but overall great for us ’cause we get to enjoy looking at his muscular body being experimented on.

Of course that’s just a fantasy, lest we forget that the model had consented in this whole production. Regardless, enjoy the high-quality bondage scene below. If you want to see the video, better check out Russian Captured Boys. 🙂

ST_(12) ST_(29) ST_(33) ST_(39) ST_(35) ST_(68) ST_(76) ST_(86) ST_(126) ST_(161) ST_(162) ST_(200) ST_(205)**Russian Captured Boys**

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