The First Medical Experiment – Part II

The muscular, beefy model is back for part 2. Now the Russian Captured Boys producers deemed it necessary that in order for him to earn the cash, which he desperately needed, he must go through a round of corporal punishment.

At that point the beefy dude had no other choice but to comply, did he? Even if this was quite dreadful for him, the need for cash outweighed the dread of submitting to the sadistic whims of the producers.

Oh, if you want to see the blog about the first part, click here. Otherwise, enjoy looking at some of the pics capturing the second part of the boy’s punishment. If you want to check the video, check it out on Russian Captured Boys’ site.


_MG_0118 _MG_0144 _MG_0147 _MG_0156 _MG_0167 _MG_0204 _MG_0207 _MG_0229 _MG_0233

NOTE: Obviously the blog above is a fantasy and the pictures were from the **Russian Captured Boys**
 website. The model had consented and was 18 years of age at the time of shoot. You can see the complete notice when you get to the website, and go to the bottom of the page where you can click on the 2257 disclosure link.

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Acknowledgements: Images are from Russian Captured Boys more...
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