The Guy Caught on the Street – Part 2

The Russian Captured Boys team has been very successful in the abduction of this guy on the street. You can catch my post on that here. They now need to get his training started as there’s no time to waste. Wealthy men are very impatient. When they want something, they want it now. Every minute wasted is tens of thousands of dollars down the drain for their operation.

First things first…a classic good whipping is in order. When men are first captured, it’s always effective to introduce them to this routine. It’s going to be a constant company for them, regardless of where they end up in the world. New masters and mistresses will almost always submit their new purchases to the sting of their whips.

Now when that’s all set and done, the team felt a little adventurous that day, so why not put this new acquisition under bastinado! Now that’s quite fun.

Check some of these photos out, then you can watch the video to really enjoy it. 🙂

foto_2002 foto_2084 foto_2116 foto_2284 foto_2333 foto_2379 foto_2388 foto_2791 foto_2842

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