The Guy Caught on the Street – Part I

Note that the following is work of fiction!

The Russian Captured Boys team has now decided to expand their operations. No longer will they thrive relying on networking alone but they must proactively search the streets for handsome young men that they can train to become obedient slaves.

The first one was lured in with a promise of a lucrative construction job. Once the brawny stud came in for the supposed interview, the RCB team wasted no time to intercept and put him straight to bondage.

Every minute counts for the purveyor of the finest male slaves in the market. Training must begin immediately as there’s a line of very rich clients willing to shell out a lot just to get what they want.

See some of the photos of the first victim below.

foto_2025 foto_2051 foto_2140 foto_2146 foto_2158 foto_2221 foto_2360 foto_2850Watch the entire bondage scene only on Russian Captured Boys!

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