The Quack Judge Strikes Again in “The Defendant Denis – Part II”

We first saw Denis getting whipped in Part I of this Russian Captured Boys series. Now his torture continues as the Quack Judge had him strung up on the cross.

His suffering began when he refused to get sexually involved with the Quack Judge. They pretty much enjoyed inflicting as much pain upon him.

Now Denis is on full display, spread-eagled on the cross, and looking really hot. He also possesses a pair of mesmerizing eyes that look like that of a Siberian Husky.

Watch how Denis strains in his bondage and sweats through the electric prod while chained up there.

You won’t want to miss the way he moaned and struggled as the prod made contact with his beautiful skin!

Here are some titillating photos to get you started!

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Watch the whole video only on Russian Captured Boys!

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