The Recruitment of an Employee

I always mention that one of my favorite bondage sites, Russian Captured Boys, features full nudity scene once a month. Since I was temporarily out of commission for a month, I will combine all three scenes in this post to share this sizzling hot scene with you guys. Like anything else, the pictures are terrific, but watching these hot bondage videos is simply incomparable and a MUST!

For instance this poor hunk of an intern thought that he was on to something good to advance his career. He definitely looked the part in the beginning, looking dapper and so put together in a business attire. Unbeknownst to him, his interviewer was a consummate sadist who gets off on torturing buff, young men like him.

Our intern is definitely a looker! And we also see how he endured his ordeals…, from full nudity, to genital electrocution, to forced masturbation and exercise, and to finally being treated like a dog –in the end though he looked like a true submissive, who probably didn’t know his true nature until he was exposed to the esoteric and even darker world of male slavery. Well, you be the judge!

foto_40051 foto_40111 foto_40394 foto_40782 foto_1004 foto_1193 foto_1564 foto_10518 foto_10378 foto_10862 foto_11014_(10)Don’t miss any of these scenes on Russian Captured Boys!

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