The Steadfast Soldier

A young soldier is seen running in the wilderness. He is alone, but he keeps running as fast as he can  as if someone’s chasing after him. You can see the determination on his face, but you can also see a trace of fear. He knows. He knows how terrible his fate will be if captured beyond enemy lines.

The soldier is well built. He also has a face of an angel…so innocent, yet he maintains an air of masculinity. He keeps running down the path, but it didn’t take long before he fell into a trap. He tripped and lost his balance. Before he could get up, hands were all over his back. He’s been captured!

That’s the first thing the plays in my mind when I look at some of the pics from these scenes. I’ve taken my pic from the three episodes of this Russian Captured Boy series, and here are some of the photos. I have to admit that the first part is my absolute favorite. I love that part when his captor just ripped his tank apart while he’s hanging by his wrist. So hot!

foto_3040 foto_3179 foto_3217 foto_3824 foto043 foto068 foto847 foto890 foto_3070 foto_3107 foto_3218 foto_3712 foto_3798

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