The Trainer for Sargeant -Final Part

The Master heard an unusual commotion in the other room so he went to check what the fuss was all about. When he learned that the trainer failed in his task, he was very displeased. Good thing that the Sargeant was quick to restrain the Trainer and he began to inflict the corporal punishment over his incompetence!

This Russian Captured Boys bondage series concludes with the trainer going through the last rounds of his punishment, which include forced work-out and whipping.

You will appreciate the beauty of Trainer’s back covered with wicked welts! The Master also keeps adding into it while he has the trainer kneeling on the floor, completely resigned to just taking the punishment as a slave should, cause that’s what they intend to make out of him.

Check out some of these pics!

ready006 ready017 ready035 ready213 ready601 ready678 ready947 ready981 ready649Watch this bondage video now only on Russian Captured Boys!

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