The Trainer for Sargeant – Part I

If you must know, the Sargeant appeared in a couple of Russian Captured Boys videos. In the newest flick, we get to see him working with a muscular trainer, sporting a tight shirt with “CrossFit” written in front.

At this point we wonder if the Sargeant would go through some challenging times, but the twist later on revealed that the muscular trainer would actually be the unlucky subject to feel the brunt of bondage, in the hands of the ruthless Sargeant no less!

Normally, I’d pick an athletic guy to go through some series of torment, but the trainer is quite an exception.

ready_3054 ready_3162 ready_3185 ready_3195 ready_3200And just look at those perky nipples standing proud. I’d love to pinch them with metal clothespin until it’s tight enough to make them numb.

ready_3270 ready_3319 ready_3485 ready_3785 ready_3822 ready_3960I can’t wait what’s going to happen next. 🙂

The pics are just that, pics. If you want to check the Trainer on video, check out RCB!

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Acknowledgements: Images by Russian Captured Boys.
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