The Trainer for Sargeant – Part II

We first saw that hot trainer in part I of this Russian Captured Boys bondage series. He was hired to train and get the Sargeant in better shape.

In the cruel turn of things, however, we ended up seeing the trainer on the shorter end of the stick. How unfortunate for him but quite lucky for us.

In this part, the trainer’s suffering continues with him lying on his back, all stretched out on the rack. Nothing could get bondage lovers to feel stimulated really fast than to see a well-proportioned, muscular beef of a man sprawled on the rack.

The Sargeant really gets a kick out of inflicting pain on guys like a trainer, and he gets really inventive. He uses different tools to whip the poor man tied securely on the rack. Oh, and just take a good look at those welts on his body. You just want to feel them up with your hands and see how the man would react.

Check out some of the photos from the scene.

ready_2014 ready_2085 ready_2118 ready_2240 ready_2494 ready_2771 ready_2851  ready_2158 ready_2250You catch the video only on Russian Captured Boys!

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