The Training of Slave Zhenya – Part 1

Let me just say that I was a little surprised by how muscular slave Zhenya turned out to be. This slave first appeared on Russian Captured Boys last year. You can catch the videos on the archive section or click here for some images.  He already had an athletic build then but I didn’t expect this complete transformation. Needless to say, he did turn out way much better into a strapping young slave. A lot of good it does for us who enjoy muscle studs going through struggles or torments.

This gay BDSM production, while no complete nudity, will surely tickle your imagination, sufficient enough to work a boner. 🙂



The scene begins with the male slave sitting on the floor, locked in the wooden stocks. He is then ordered to stand and come up on the elevated platform. Even at this point the struggle on slave Zhenya’s part is quite apparent since his ankles are cuffed together.DI_(28)

DI_(36) DI_(38)

When the poor lad is finally hanging by his arms, he is ordered to perform a number of pull-ups enough to send even the healthiest and most athletic bodies into exhaustion. The supervised workout is demanding, testing even the muscular Zhenya to the last vestiges of his endurance.

When the slave finally reaches his limit, the tormentor decides to take him down, demanding for him to go through a grueling round of push-ups and sit-ups.

Zhenya has no choice but must try his best to meet the demands or the consequences may be severe. Despite his deep exhaustion, showing apparently on his face, Zhenya carries on, as an obedient slave should…perhaps out of fear.

DI_(319) DI_(374) DI_(429)

Watch the entire video on RCB!

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